The CDEA is a new scientific center for education, research and information in German and European subjects, based at PUCRS and UFRGS, with a five-year, renewable, tenure. This center supports 20 postgraduate programmes in these two universities, encouraging a new generation of Brazilian scientists and researchers in interdisciplinary studies, focusing on current themes of European and German interest, within a Brazilian and/or Latin American context, entering into an existing network of 20 European and German Centers in the world.

The CDEA has a clear structure. The Director and the Deputy Director, both German speakers (with a mandate of 5 years in an alternating executive, positions being swapped after 2.5 years), the Committee of Scientific Executives (with three well-established researchers from each partner university) the Consultative Committee (“Beitrat” in German) with the Rectors, Vice-Rectors and the DAAD representative from office in Rio de Janeiro and an administrative team form the structure of the center.

The DAAD endowment is for a period of five years, with the potential for renewal and with a strong probability of ten years funding and support, allowing for long-term planning and international insertion of the postgraduate programmes and students. The CDEA may receive support from other development institutions, partner universities and companies for specific research, networks or programmes, helping to ensure the continuity of the center.

The CDEA brings together a large number of researchers – 58 of whom are those responsible for setting up the new center from UFRGS and PUCRS, with part or all of their studies, which may be carried out in Germany, being related to the center’s themes; not prejudicing other researchers who may join and participate in the development of the project. Twenty postgraduate programmes are participating in the project, of which 11 are from UFRGS and 11 from PUCRS, namely:


Institute of Philosophy and Human Sciences
PGP History
PGP Philosophy
PGP Political science
PGP Public policies
PGP Social Anthropology
PGP Sociology

Institute of Languages and Literature
PGP Languages and Literature

Faculty of Architecture
PGP Urbanism

Law School

Faculty of Education
PGP Education

Faculty of Economics
PGP International Strategic Studies


School of Humanities
PGP Education
PGP History

PGP Languages and Literature
PGP Philosophy
PGP Social Sciences
PGP Social Work
PGP Theology

Law School
PGP Criminal Sciences

Business School
PGP Administration
PGP Development Economics

School of Technology
Architecture and Urbanismus

The main objectives of the CDEA are:
• Conduct research of excellence in themes of interest to Brazil and Germany/EU
• Implementation of a school of German and European Studies for PhD students and researchers in all fields. The agenda will include workshops, seminars, summer and winter schools, short-term visits, etc.
• Development of a Reference Center to broaden the dissemination of academic information from Germany and Europe
• Extension to other universities and organizations in Brazil and Latin America, creating a Brazilian network of teaching, research and extension activities related to German and European studies
• Consolidation of the internationalization of the Postgraduate Programmes involved, access to and integration into the network of the existing 20 Centers funded by DAAD in major universities throughout the world.