On 27 May, 2017 started the Post-graduate programme in Law (PPGDir) of the UFRGS in cooperation with CDEA and PUCRS. The academic master´s degree “European and German Law” is part of the research theme “Legal Integration”.

The post-graduate programme in Law at UFRGS was chosen to be the first pilot project of a master degree which is focused on studies in European and German subjects, offering, in addition to the normal programme of UFRGS, a compulsory interdisciplinary training ( from the 24 credits, 4 to ‘1 can be interdisciplinary and at least 4 credits must be taken in an area outside of Law), interinstitutional UFRGS-PUCRS (from the 24 credits, 4 to 12 can be taken in the program from the PUCRS) and exposure to German language and culture. 

The new program “European and German Law”, which was created to foster interdisciplinary studies and increase the internationalization of PPGDir, is focused on the study of the European Union, European topics, German law, Comparison of German and European legal science, their contributions to Latin American law and scientific culture.

The research “Fundamentals of Legal Integration” focuses on the perspectives of Integration and new international law. Examining the legal institutionalization of integration instruments and organs and international trade, the new international private law, the projection of the vulnerable in the integrational arena, the defense and promotion of rights in integrated spaces, regulation of industrial policies, consumer protection, technology transfer, provision of services, performance of financial institutions, environmental law and human rights. As well as national and international legal obstacles to the integration process, incorporating a sociological dimension that is essential for an understanding of legal experiences.

Further information about the last selection process can be found at http://www.ufrgs.br/ppgd/selecoes/2020/PROCESSO_SELETIVO_2020.pdf